People once said computers would change the world, they will NOW

Speck sized computers will have another go. The image left, the computer fits easily on American one cent piece first came the Internet, now the world's smallest computer a little larger than a speck of dust, it spells revolution!

Computers everywhere

Changing the world for ever. Computers the size of pin head. Think what it would mean. Tracking devices on every possession, health monitoring on a body wide scale, track every person, the end of crime, the list is endless and smart dust is the beginning of a global change

Smart dust continued

Smart dust

Smart dust designed at Michigan University monitoring levels of glaucoma from within the human eye, as the computer measures just over 1 mm³ and generate enough power from tiny solar cell it can report back wirelessly for years. A number of high-tech companies including Google IBM and Hewlett-Packard have now begun planning to pepper the globe with trillions strong networks of such ultra miniaturised computers, installing them underground, in household appliances, inside clothes and even inside food packaging.

Smart dust continued

Definition of smart dust

9 mm³ solar powered sensor has been created and developed at the University of Michigan USA is the very smallest they can harvest energy from its surroundings

Definition of Smart Dust

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